• Washington State | Olympic Peninsula

    I first visited the Pacific Northwest with my parents, ages ago, and ever since I have been dying to return.  This Fall, I finally got my wish.  Ben and I flew into Portland, Oregon and started to drive.  Our destination: the Olympic Peninsula.   

    Driving from Port Angeles to the west coast, we stopped to dip our toes in Cresent Lake.  For a Louisiana girl, thats a pretty chilly endeavor, but completely worth it.  After about an hour of driving through the National Forest we entered La Push and visited First and Second Beach. 

    In our usual style we left our shoes behind and began walking down Second Beach, eventually climbing over a rock wall to find a hidden cove.  

    Ben snapped a picture of my scramble down some rocks on Second Beach.  And the trip isn't over, in fact it's just begun!  More to come!